Isaiah And The Orchestra of Sounds

Isaiah acquires an alien resident orchestra in his right ear...

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Isaiah and the unwelcome music

Isaiah’s lively story and battle with the unwelcome performers will keep you on the edge of your seat until the grande finale.

Isaiah and the Orchestra of Sounds front cover

A story depicting real life experience

Isaiah And The Unwelcome Music

The book addresses tinnitus, a health condition, and what people should do to help those experiencing it. It teaches that tinnitus can be caused by loud noise and suggests ways to avoid it

Isaiah and the Orchestra of Sounds front cover
Diana Lopez
Diana LopezFor Readers' Favorite
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"Isaiah and the Orchestra of Sounds is a story based on a real condition. Tinnitus occurs when you hear a ringing or similar tone in one or both ears. At first, Isaiah hears music in his ears, like a full orchestra. When the problem begins at school, he tries to describe what he hears to his friends, but it is hard to convey the feeling. Eventually, he can't eat, can't study, and can't rest at night.And it's as if the sounds are intensifying. As the days pass, he feels exhausted, besieged, and hopeless. His grades start to drop, and he doesn't know what to do about it because the ringingmakes him feel confused. The good news is that tinnitus can be treated. Morenike Oyenusi approaches the subject from a professional perspective and the book will assist people who need to know more about tinnitus.Isaiah and the Orchestra of Sounds uses a comic book format but includes useful information anddescriptions between the images. Morenike Oyenusi's goal is to create awareness about tinnitusand there is useful information at the end of the story. Although tinnitus is not a disease, it often affects people's lives, as in Isaiah's case. Readers will now be able to understand the ailment and are encouraged to talk about it. The book also explains that cases can be different. The book includes a glossary, a list of probable causes, possible solutions, and links to additional, more specialized information."
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"While this book is written about a teenager, it is a book that adults of all ages can learn from. I have suffered from the effects of Tinnitus for several years and have not found any relief or help from any of my medical contacts. This book explained a lot of facts about Tinnitus that I had never heard. I highly recommend this book to anyone who knows someone who is dealing with Tinnitus."
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"First off, I really like the comic style of the book. The illustrations were fun, colourful and simply great! It was quite an engaging book, I was eager to find out what happened in the end and was glad when I did ��"
Sadesbookzone United Kingdom
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"I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and getting to know about Tinnitus. Loved the graphics too! Considering people learn using (and are attracted to) different forms of literature, this one cuts across a wide range and its register enhances the purpose. The warm subplot at the end adds an extra layer to its enjoyment! A lovely piece of art to be enjoyed by all!"
A.L. Long
A.L. LongGoodread
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I enjoyed this story and learned quite a bit. The comic book format draws you in and allows you to understand Tinnitus and how Isiah's daily life is affected. I was relieved when Isiah was able to find relief.

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