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Chasing the butterflies is an experience painted in text and pictures creating an adventurous journey for all readers.

These are really enjoyable to read and the watercolor illustrations are also excellent. Can be read aloud as bedtime stories or as a chapter book by a more advanced child. Add this one for diverse, own voices lit in a classroom library

Carlee Lee

A childhood in stories

I enjoyed a glimpse into Ronke’s life growing up in Nigeria in the 1970s. Heartwarming, charming and perfect for all ages. I highly recommend!


Such a sweet tale

Heart warming, beautifully written chapter book. My 7 year old really enjoyed reading this and was taken by all the descriptions of Nigeria. We love this book 😍

Kampala Chukwuka
Kampala Chukwuka

Very enjoyable read😍

This is a wonderful book about the charming Ronke. The setting takes place in Lagos Nigeria. This story is gives the reader an insider view of the African culture. Must read.

Karen Pessoa
Karen Pessoa

Insider view of the African culture

Isaiah and the Orchestra of Sounds front cover

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